Copyright Policy
Last revised on February 5, 2020.

1. Copyright

We will rigorously defend our copyright. Although circulation of news, articles and events with the reference of "" is allowed, circulation, copying or translation of database, expert articles, e-publications published on Chemlinked is not permitted without the consent of the publisher. If you would like to copy, translate or circulate any of our content, whether electronically or in print, you must contact us first to seek for our consent.

2. User Licensing

ChemLinked subscriptions are sold on a “per user or per company” basis. It is a breach of copyright to share member password or circulate content (e.g. expert articles, regulatory/inventory database, e-publication, etc.) to people who are not registered with ChemLinked as members of your subscriber team.

3. Free Circulation of Newsletters

ChemLinked hereby gives consent for readers to forward ChemLinked email alerts to your colleagues providing that hyperlinks pointing users back to our website remain in place, and it is made clear that the content is provided by ChemLinked.


Contents including new, articles, webinars, database, e-publications are all intellectual properties of ChemLinked and may not be copied, reproduced or displayed to anyone without permission. ChemLinked does not warrant, either expressly or implied, the accuracy, timelines, or appropriateness of the information displayed on the website.