New All, Know All
New Features Available with ChemLinked
The newest website guides you through all the comprehensive and latest information regarding regulation and market insights. It’s All-New ChemLinked, a partner helps you Know All.
Optimized Homepage
A newly designed ChemLinked webpage gives you a fully new experience.
Hot Topic is conceived to compile a package of related articles for sudden and significant events.
Notification reminds you of necessary and key messages you might miss.
Shopping Cart
The newly-added shopping cart collects all your orders, you can pay for all items with one click.
News Ticker
News Ticker collects a large amount of important information of industries and presents it to you promptly.
Search Function
The re-programmed search function helps you locate the materials more quickly and more precisely. With personalized tags, you could get access to the information you need more conveniently.
Expert Articles
Now you can follow your favourite experts and read all of his/her articles. More and more professional experts will be joining in continuously.
New Membership Package
Besides the Standard and Corporate membership, Basic membership package is a new membership Solutions. You could relatively reduce some costs while enjoying basic but vital services.