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Head of Business Department (Cosmetics)
12000-15000 CNY/M
3-5 Years
14th Floor, Building 3, Haichuang Technology Center,Hangzhou, China
Job Description
Responsibilities 1. Responsible for cosmetics business development at home and abroad, formulate and implement customer market expansion plans and marketing strategies, and complete sales goals; 2. Responsible for the development, maintenance and management of government officials, industry experts and partners; 3. Responsible for the development, maintenance and management of sales channels; 4. Promote and control the project process, formulate differentiated competition, coordinate resources and obtain orders; 5. Responsible for business negotiations, signing project sales contracts, and tracking project implementation service process, maintaining good relations with customers; 6. Analyze and predict the market, collect competitor information, optimize and challenge market strategies according to the market and competitors, and explore and develop the sales market; 7. Build the cosmetics sales team to help team members grow and lead team members to complete business goals. Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of sales or customer experience in the cosmetics industry, with mature customer resources; 2. Has a keen sense of business and market and the ability to grasp market dynamics and market directions; Has strong problem analysis and problem solving capabilities, and excellent resource integration capabilities and business promotion capabilities; 3. Familiar with the business and competition in the industry; Has strong domestic and overseas customer development capabilities and customer management experience; Proficient in English communication and business development; Able to accurately gain insights into customer mentality and understand customer needs; 4. Has good communication and cooperation skills and rich experience in sales team building and management; 5. Full of pioneering spirit, optimistic and ambitious; 6. Able to withstand pressure with energetic working style.
Company Introduction
REACH24H Consulting Group
14th Floor, Building 3, Haichuang Technology Center,Hangzhou, China
Founded in 2009, REACH24H is a Consulting Company specialized in providing one-stop global market access services to companies in the field of industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, food and food contact materials./ We are proud of our diverse team, from our technical experts to our international trade and market specialists in our headquarters in China, offices in Taiwan region, South Korea, UK and the U.S., and business representatives in Japan, UK, EU and South America. We continuously work to expand our networks to businesses, associations and government authorities across all regions to anticipate compliance needs and provide full-cycle strategic plans./ By creating a 24-hour global consulting service network and a technical expert team, REACH24H helps enterprises and high-quality products take an initiative to trade, improving their understanding of technical barriers and assisting international trade departments and businesses to move from passive to active in the global market. To date, REACH24H has helped nearly 9,000 companies worldwide overcome technical trade barriers to smoothly navigate the global market.