Come and Meet REACH24H at 2023 in-cosmetics Korea, the record breaking event in history
Last updated on 05-Jun 2023

In-cosmetics Korea 2023, the leading cosmetics ingredient exhibition, is set to take place from July 12th to 14th at COEX in Seoul. The event is anticipated to be the largest in its history, with a record number of participants and a significant impact on the East Asian market following the pandemic. One of the notable attendees is REACH24H Korea, a global regulatory consulting company, which will contribute to the exhibition with a regulatory strategy seminar, awards evaluation, panel discussions, and on-site consultations at booth number R64.


The 2023 edition of in-cosmetics Korea holds particular significance as it marks the first Korean event since the reopening of the Chinese market. Consequently, an increased presence of Chinese companies is expected. Furthermore, Japanese ingredient and finished product companies, traditionally less active in Korean exhibitions, will participate in significant numbers for the first time, indicating the anticipation of unprecedented success even before the event commences.


Seongmin(Mike) Sohn, the General Manager and principal consultant of REACH24H Korea, will be actively involved in the event. On the first day, July 12th, he will oversee the awards judging and announcement ceremony. On July 13th, starting from 3 p.m., he will deliver a special lecture on China's cosmetic ingredient regulations and case studies, addressing one of the recent international regulatory issues. With hands-on experience in completing two substance notifications in Korea, he plans to focus on regulation overviews, practical application, and tips based on actual implementation experiences. Additionally, from 4 p.m. onwards, he will moderate a panel discussion on the domestic and international trends of microbiome R&D, a topic of great interest.


The panel discussion will feature prominent figures such as Dr. Soojin Kim, Director of Kolmar's Schofield Research Lab, Professor Woojun Sul from Chung-Ang University, Mr. Sung-min Yang, Senior Researcher at the Safety Research Team of Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute(KCII), Amanda Lim, Editor of CosmeticsDesign Asia, Albert Dashi, Co-founder and Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Sequential Skin, and Mary Gouganovski, Founder of Mary Grace Cosmetics. The panelists will engage in an extensive exchange of opinions on the latest domestic and international research trends concerning microbiomes, as well as consumer and market trends.

 2023 코리아쇼 프로그램2.png

On the third and final day, July 14th, Hyojin Jung, Team Lead at REACH24H Korea, is scheduled to deliver a presentation on "Post-Pandemic Market and Regulatory Changes in the Asia-Pacific Region." The presentation will take place at 1 p.m.


The in-cosmetics awards are known for appointing experts from various fields of the cosmetics industry worldwide as judges. However, it has been revealed that this year's judging panel for the Korea show will include bigger number of domestic cosmetics research professionals, deviating from previous years.


With the remarkable scale of participation and the involvement of industry leaders and experts, in-cosmetics Korea 2023 is poised to create a significant impact on the East Asian market and further expand its influence.