COSMED Invites REACH24H to Share Key Insights on Latest Cosmetics Compliance Trends in APAC During a
Last updated on 30-Mar 2023

PARIS, 28 March 2023 – The Cosmed Regulatory Meeting organized by Cosmed (The French cosmetics association for SMEs) was successfully held from March 21 to 22 in Paris, France. The event was a great success, featuring industry experts, regulatory consultancies, and business leaders to discuss important developments and issues in the cosmetics industry. Representatives from the DGCCRF – Ministry of Economy, the European Commission, and the Union of Industrialists for the Valorization of Hemp Extracts (UIVEC) attended the event.

ChemLinked, the flagship media platform of REACH24H Consulting Group, was invited to participate in this major meeting of European and international cosmetic regulations.

As a trusted partner of Cosmed, REACH24H has collaborated closely in conference training and resource sharing, sharing its years of practical compliance experience in the Asia-Pacific markets with numerous French brands.

This time, the profound knowledge and experience of REACH24H’s experts provided strong support and assistance for French cosmetics brands entering the Asia-Pacific market, helping them better adapt to the local market environment and achieve success.


Hedy He, a senior cosmetic regulatory analyst at REACH24H, participated in the meeting virtually and discussed major cosmetic regulatory updates across Asian countries outside of China, including Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN countries.

She introduced many significant regulatory changes to the audience. In 2022 and Q1 2023, cosmetic regulations were revised or newly implemented in many Asian-Pacific countries and regions. To name a few, Japan made amendments to permitted additives for quasi-drugs and hair dyes, South Korea published guidelines to help companies submit functional cosmetics reports, and the 35th and 36th ASEAN Cosmetic Scientific Body (ACSB) meetings also took place, during which requirements were revised for cosmetics notification and import license application in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

As avid observers of the dynamic cosmetic industry and its regulatory landscape, ChemLinked and REACH24H are dedicated to monitoring the trends of regulations and providing timely notifications to relevant businesses.

Over the years, REACH24H has partnered with Cosmed on numerous occasions through various means. In 2019, the first ChemLinked Regulation Workshop was successfully held in Paris in collaboration with Cosmed. In 2022, Cosmed was invited to participate in a panel discussion on Global Cosmetic Sustainability Policies and Regulations. Following the success of past events, both organizations are exploring additional opportunities to offer informative events to global enterprises.

This year, we appreciate this chance to collaborate with Cosmed and take pride in contributing to this regulatory meeting, where we can offer valuable insights to both French and global brands. We take great pride in being a trusted partner to the cosmetics industry and look forward to continued collaboration and growth.