REACH24H Takes the Stage at 2023 Cosmetic Safety Symposium by KCII: Sharing Global Insights on Safet
Last updated on 01-Dec 2023

SEOUL, 30 November 2023 – REACH24H Consulting Group proudly participated as an invited industry expert at the esteemed KCII’s 2023 Global Cosmetic Safety Symposium at the Grand Hall of Korea International Trade Association (KITA).

2023 Cosmetic Safety Symposium1.jpg

Mr. Tiangu Yuan, General Manager of REACH24H Japan (leftmost)

As a trusted global regulatory consulting firm, REACH24H Consulting Group delivered two insightful sessions at the seminar, focusing on the Japanese cosmetics industry’s regulatory landscape and compliance requirements. Our esteemed expert and General Manager of REACH24H Japan, Mr. Tiangu Yuan(En Tenya), provided valuable insights into the safety management requirements and compliance key points for cosmetic products in Japan.

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