Announcing the Launch of our New Website Version: ChemLinked 3.0
Last updated on 20-Feb 2020
We are very pleased and pround to announce the launch of our new website.

Since being founded in 2012, ChemLinked has changed a lot. We’ve grown as a leading APAC regulatory information provider across four different industries (Chemical, Food, Cosmetics and Agrochemical), strengthened our in-house team of professionals and analysts, and also developed relationships with many valuable clients. We are aware that the regulatory affairs field is evolving rapidly, and we hope to continue to evolve ourselves with it and offer the best services to our existing and new clients.

With this in mind, we are re-launching our website, which, apart from having a whole new look, is now much more user-friendly. Our goal with this brand-new V3.0 website is to provide users an easier way to browse information based on their own needs and to learn about ChemLinked’s services.


What’s in the new website?

  • News Ticker

ChemLinked 3.0 is equipped with a powerful new tool: News Ticker. It collects a large amount of important information of industries and presents it to you promptly.

  • Personalized Tags

You may now choose what fields and areas you are interested in. The system would recommend the content according to your favorite tags and the content you liked.

  • Improved Search Function

The new website boasts re-programmed search function to help you get to the right place and find the products or information you need more quickly and precisely.

  • Optimized Homepage

A newly designed homepage gives you a fully new browsing experience. Hot Topic is conceived to compile a package of related articles for sudden and significant events. Mailbox reminds you of necessary and key messages you might miss. Shopping Cart collects all your orders, you could pay all items with one click.


Check out more features of the new website at here.

ChemLinked 3.0 will continue to grow in the coming months. We hope you like our new website. For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know by emailing